April & May


April Reads:

  • The Red Queen
  • The Young Elites
  • The Ruby Circle
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Poison Study
  • The Program
  • I Hate my Selfie

May To-Reads:

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • Intertwined
  • The Dream Thieves
  • Aristotle and Dante discover the Universe
  • I Was Here
  • Of Neptune


The Red Queen: https://jamminsinfinitebookshelf.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/review-the-red-queen/


Review: The Red Queen


Title: The Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Genre: Dystopia and Supernatural

Rating: 9/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 13th April, 2015

No. in Series: #1

*** = spoilers

I really liked this book, like a lot. It was just so well told and put together that it was fantastic. I just can’t fault it, I thought that everything about this book was amazing. It just combines like dystopian with supernatural powers but then it doesn’t, it is just so hard to explain how good it was and by trying I’m making it sound stupid.

This book is about a girl who basically lives in a world where you blood colour determines where you are in society. If your Red then you live in poverty and are just not as good as the people who have SIlver blood. People who have Silver blood can do some kind of magic and Red’s cant. That is until Mare comes into the spotlight. Mara is red by blood and by family but she also has a supernatural power, now she is a threat to everyone but she doesn’t know that yet.

The story made the book you know, it kinda reminded me of the Shadow and Bone storyline in the first few chapters but loosely. I dont even want to attempt to try to explain or dissect the storyline because i will fail and look like an idiot. But it was just put together really well and the story flowed really well and the way things were uncovered were good and like the little peaks we got at an answer well sometimes it was the irght answer or we were lead astray so its very well written.

I didn’t mind Mare, you know. I thought she was a very strong female lead and a nice enough character but so are many other female leads so she just doesn’t really stand out too much.I mean, I liked her and her personality but yeah, just yeah.

Cal was another one of those characters, like he was really sweet and nice but that doesn’t cut it for me in a love interest, I want some umph. So I hope he brings it in the next book because for now, I’m not on your side. cal really annoyed me when he didn’t stand up for Mare in like any situation and let Evangeline be a bitch. Like, your heir, you pull some weight around here.

Now, Maven. Hmmm… Maven. Seriously, man I was on your side like 87.5% of the book, I was like your biggest fan and now Im sad. ***Like I guess I was pretty dumb to be on your side like the author kept dropping hints that we shouldn’t trust him but then he would be so cute and i was like *hush suspicion* but you know, as usual I was wrong. Like actual hate him so much. Like I hate that he pretend care so much about her and everything she was fighting for, like your ew.***

Now the romance. What the fuck even was the romance in the book? Like seriously, it kept popping up and then just was like nope. And when it popped up it wasn’t even worth it. Like, oh my god he looked at me. That is not romance. I know people will be like there is a love interest, it’s just developing. I was so confused in the beginning who the love interest was or was there supposed to be a love triangle? Like at the beginning it was like Cal and Kilorn but then Cal and Maven and now it’s kinda just Cal but I don’t know wether Kilorn is coming back.

There was so many like not fake-deaths but deaths that the protagonist thought were dead so then in turn we did too but seriously it happened over and over. Like focus more.

If someone read this review they probably think I didn’t like this book. I don’t even know what happened to this review.