Review: Down


Title: Down

Author: Kirsten Campbell

Genre: Adventure

Rating: 7/10

Type: Ebook

Date Read: 19th June, 2015

*This book was given to me as a Read-to Review*

This book was a pretty slow read because it took you a while to really get into the story and maybe it was just me being an idiot but I was also in a confused state in the beginning and I honestly can’t tell you why because re-reading it I realised it wasn’t even that confusing. This book is so different, I can honestly say that I have never ever read a book even similar to this one so check this out if you’re sick of the same old things.

This book is about a group of people who are quite specialised in their field (maybe refer to them as scientists, maybe not) who volunteer to basically go on a suicidal mission into the Earth’s Core in order to save all living things on Earth.

The storyline made me feel like an idiot. The start of the book all the smart people were explaining how the ship worked and how science was going to help or affect thme in some way and I’m just sitting there going “oh, um okay. Sure if you say so” I understand trying to help the reader get what is going on and I do commend the author because I feel like it took a lot of effort to try to dumb down the language to make idiots like me semi-understand what is actually happening.

I really didn’t like any of the characters, like it’s not like I hated them or anything just they had no depth to them so I didn’t really care if they died or not. Like someone died “Oh poor… you”. But it is hard to do that when the book is short.

We all know that I do quite enjoy a love storyline and I felt like there was trying to be one but the storyline was so overpowering that it just sqaushed all lovey lines. Quite sad but probably would’ve just ended badly anyway so maybe I saved myself some pain.

All in all, this book was new and different. Interesting and on-the-edge-of-your-seat but be prepared to be confused in the beginning.


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