Review: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods


Title: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Supernatural 

Rating: 8/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 29th January, 2015

Once again, this was a really fun read. I seriously think i say that in every Rick Riordan book review. They are just all so fun to read like I actually think it is just a book to read when you are feeling sad because it lifts your spirits up and makes you laugh so much.

This book is basically just all about the Greek Gods and how they came to be but told from Percy’s view on it all.

If you know Percy Jackson at all then you know that even from the above sentence that this book is going to be extremely funny. And if you don’t know Percy Jackson then this book is going to be extremely funny. I don’t recommend reading this before the PJ (Percy Jackson) series because you learn all you need to know about the Greek Gods in order to understand the PJ series in the PJ series. And there is also a lot of inside jokes both from PJO and HOO, so the book is funnier if you get those. 

There really isn’t much else to say besides that if you have read the PJ series then definitely give this a shot and if you haven’t and you still only want to read this then go ahead, everything still makes sense. Percy just makes things so much more fun and he says exactly what I was thinking and it is just… great.

Even after reading this, I still think that Athena and Artemis are my favourite and Aphrodite and Ares are my least favourite. I think you can see a trend; I like the strong, independent women and don’t like the self-absorbed idiots which just don’t do anything but cause trouble.).


Review: The Evolution of Mara Dyer


Title: The Evolution of Mara Dyer

Author: Michelle Hodkin

Genre: Paranormal

Rating: 10/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: February 09, 2015

No. in Series: #2

*As usual this will contain spoilers for book #1*

I thought that the first book was amazing and now I don’t even have words to describe the greatness of this book because I didn’t think it was possible for this series to get better but it just did. I am so over the place, it isn’t even funny.

This book takes place straight over Mara see’s Jude. However, no-one believes that she really did see him so her family admits her to a mental hospital. Things begin to get worse and worse as things progress on as Mara realises that Jude is actually alive and he wants revenge. He wants someone to suffer for the death of his sister and he knows that the person to blame is Mara.

Mara seemed different in this book. She wasn’t more sure of herself exactly because she knows what she did and what she do but that doesn’t mean she is any less unsure about who she is because I think that now she knows what she can do she is more scared of herself because she doesn’t know her capabilities. Mara seemed a lot more desperate in this book and a lot more worried. Which is completely understandable.

I am starting to see that Noah has a lot of secrets and he hides a lot from Mara which is disappointing because I want to know more about him. Unlike Mara I don’t think that Noah wants to know his capabilities, I think that he wants to know how he got it. In this book, Noah seemed very tired and he seemed to have lost something and it saddens me to think that but he just seemed like something was bothering him the whole book. But… her birthday present was just… Wow.

Jude needs to get a life. Like you got a second-chance at life and you are going to waste it on revenge, get over yourself and travel.

It was just so angering when no-one believed Mara. Like come on there are so many clues but then you could see where they are coming from because even I wouldn’t believe her. The whole thing was just so scary and freaky and at multiple times I got goosebumps. This just proves how great Noah Shaw is really, he believes her no matter what even after she had the whole doll-sleepwalking thing. I mean after that I would’ve been like “you are crazy.”

I felt like after the last book that the entire book was just made up of questions and now this book has tried to answer them but they’re are just so many I need to know. Everyone is this book is so secretive and if everyone just said what they know then we would know everything.

*Read on, if you have read this book*

I knew that something was going to happen at the place but I can honestly say that I didn’t see that coming. I mean, I really didn’t like the psychiatrist but that was only because she was annoying and nosey but not manipulative and deceitful. But I must say… I give props to her for her way of thinking and scheming. Even if a villain does a good job at being a villain, i give credit.

Oh Jesus… what has this book done to my heart. I could just tell that they were going to say it but I refused to let my mind wander there and just focus on reading and then *BOOM* just heart drops out of my chest. I literally just stared at those like 5 words for like 30 seconds. Like… no. Just no. 

Review for #1:

Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer


Title: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Author: Michelle Hodkin

Genre: Paranormal

Rating: 9/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: January 1st, 2015

No. in Series: #1

Just… Where has this book been all my life? I just cannot believe that I continued reading other books without reading this. This is was so amazing. It just had everything that I could ever want in a book and it was all written so well. 

This book is about a girl named Mara Dyer who everyone thinks is crazy because she had a near-death accident which killed three other people. But Mara has a secret, she isn’t crazy, she thinks that she somehow caused the accident. Mara wants answers. 

Okay… Mara. Mara is seriously scary at at times, when you are inside her head. She is such an unreliable narrator because when she hallucinates, you think that it is real but then you find out that it isn’t and it just makes your head hurt.  It not only made you question her but then it made you question yourself and I was amazed at how many times I was second-guessing myself. Mara is a very unique character, I haven’t read anyone like her.

The real star of the book is of course, Noah Shaw. Jesus… Noah, what you do to me is just unbelievable. I want a Noah Shaw in my life. I need a Noah Shaw in my life. He has got to be in my top 10 book boyfriends ever and that is a very competitive list. He was just so perfect. Like think of your perfect boyfriend and guess what? You’re picturing Noah Shaw.

I liked all of the characters that we are supposed to like. I liked the whole family dynamic between the Dyer family, I loved her siblings; they were just so incredibly adorable all together. I liked Jamie (I think his name is Jamie), he wasn’t really in it that much which I was okay with because he was a bit cliche and boring but i do hope we get to see him again. I didn’t really understand the whole Mia, mean girl thing going on. It wasn’t necessary and I thought that it just wasted time.

Throughout the entirety of this book, you are tossing and turning between Crazy or Supernatural. Is Mara Dyer really crazy like everyone thinks she is and she is just hallucinating everything that is happening. Is she just going through a hard time and suffering from PTS. or is Mara Dyer really supernatural. Is she supernatural like she believes she is? Is she really responsible for killing them or is she just feeling guilty for surviving. OH MY GOD…. Too many questions, too many thoughts, too many unanswered questions.

This book has a big cliffhanger and a pretty chilling cliffhanger at that. I don’t want to say anymore but after I finished this book, I just sat there stunned. 

Review for #2:

Review: Prodigy


Title: Prodigy

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Dystopia

Rating: 8.5/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 31st July, 2013

No. in Series: #2

This book really just opens up this series to so many possibilities and so many endings. This book really further explore’s the world they live in and we get a lot of questions that want answered, answered. This series just is so amazing.

This book basically follows June and Day as they team up with a rebel group named the Patriots to kill the new Electro-Primo but June has seconds thoughts about it due to her friendship with him.

I don’t feel like I need to talk about June and Day because if you have read the first book then you know just had amazing they are and just how spectacularly amazing they are together. I just think that they are just so… cannot express in words.

I liked Anden and I just thought that he was completely misunderstood by the characters and I really felt for him. I was so angry though when he did that thing then i wanted to punch him in the face and I really felt for Day.

Tess… Please. Come on. Just shut the hell up. No-one cares how you feel. You just are there and you are so not needed.

I think that we should just assume that all of Marie Lu’s books are going to have an amazing-ass storyline.This was just amazingly action-packed and I just loved it. I drowned in it and I loved it. Her writing style through the action scenes is so superb because she writes descriptively of what’s happening but also doesn’t slow it down. I don’t know how she does it *claps*.

Is saying there a cliffhanger a spoiler? I don’t think so anyway. Just why, why must you make me feel so many things.. then make me wait. You rip out my heart and then are like “Sorry, it’s can’t go back in for over a year. But even then I can’t guarantee it will be alright”. Jesus… I just want… nice things to happen in Champion.

Book #1 Review:

Review: Girl Online


Title: Girl Online

Author: Zoe Sugg

Genre: Contemporary 

Rating: 4/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 3rd February, 2015

There were so many things this book had going for it but the things it did have, it didn’t really take those and turn it into a good book and really it just kept the things it had going for it but didn’t take advantage of it and that just confused me.

This book is about a girl who is the most embarrassing moment-prone person ever who decides she has to escape the aftermath of her latest embarrassing moment so she agrees to go to New York with her parents. In New York her life really changes for the better and she begins to discover herself.

First off, Penny Shoelace. Really? That name is a joke. Just… sorry but that name is so annoyingly stupid. The name really just sums her up as a character. She was so boringly generic and sometimes she acted like 12 year old and spoke like a 12 year old but then she would go on this whole speech and sound 70. She seemed so stupid like really… I saw that whole Noah thing coming from like 5 pages after meeting him and she doesn’t realise it until it legitimately smacks her in the face. I hate dumb leads. Just, why?

I don’t think any other character even deserves a paragraph. So I’ll just talk about all of them. So they were all incredibly generic and unrealistic. Like a family who never once fought not once. A gay best friend (cliche), a mean girl who pretends to be your friend (cliche) and a popular guy who actually likes you but just doesn’t know how to say it (that’s right, you guessed it: cliche).

Storyline was cute and all but really predictable and slightly unbelievable unless you really are big in the whole no-such thing as chance encounters thing. I’m personally not and I just found everything in here too coincidental to actually be believable.

I really don’t mind predictable stories when other people hate on them so I don’t really know why I didn’t like this one maybe it was because of all the other things in it or maybe it s just because it was too predictable like no twists at all. I could’ve told you what was going to happen at like page 100.

I am just so disappointed with this book as a whole like maybe 2 years ago when I was 12 I would’ve loved…LOVED this book but now I just look at it and think… Jesus. I actually read the whole book. I am so proud of myself.

I love you Zoella but please give me something with more depth.

Review: Notes from the End of the World


Title: Notes from the End of the World

Author: Donna Burgess

Genre:  Supernatural

Rating: 7/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 1st February, 2015

I received this book from the author, for I won a Goodreads giveaway. 

I enjoyed this book, I thought that it was an quick fun read that you should pick up if you don’t want to read something too serious. I liked this book, don’t look at the stars because this was a really hard to rate by stars, I liked the uniqueness of it and how the author decided to tackle a different way of writing about a zombie apocalypse.

This book is about a girl named Cindy and how she is dealing with her whole life falling apart due to the zombie apocalypse. Cindy must deal with how her life will forever be changed and how her relationships between her and her family have changed and especially the relationship between her and her sister’s boyfriend.

This book wasn’t what I thought this was going to be about at all. I expected it to be like bullets and bullets being fired, running for your lives, guts everywhere and a whole lot of swearing at the zombies. But it really wasn’t. This books takes a look at how the zombie apocalypse slowly changes the way society functions even through their best efforts to not let it.

I didn’t like Cindy at all. She seemed just like you’re ordinary high schooler and I don’t know why that bugged me so much but she just seemed so stereotypical that their really wasn’t anything left of her. Everything she opened her mouth, I just wanted her to shut it. She seemed to jump from like a 40-year-old mind set to a 14-year old. It was really strange. One page she would be getting all emotional and wondering about the meaning of life and the next she was spending all her time thinking about having sex with Nick.

Nick was an alright character, you know. He was interesting and I wanted to know more about him but I felt we didn’t really get to connect to him as a character for long enough. I wanted some longer Nick chapters.

DO NOT get me started on the sister. She was so stupid I can’t even remember her name. Jesus Christ, I was ecstatic when she died. Couldn’t take another word from her.

I liked the storyline. I liked how we got to see it progress and how we could see each step of the apocalypse and how each step made people more dire and dire. I like seeing that, is that weird? Probably. It was really interesting how people reacted to the zombie apocalypse and how realistic it probably is to how people would react. I liked how the story started with the lead-up to the zombies, I didn’t think the first bit was needed I just think that it contained a lot of spoilers which made the anticipation of the last few pages fizzle.

I really did like seeing this side of the zombie apocalypse, I cannot express that enough. I just have never thought of it like that and I like when books make me think of things I never did before. I just really loved that.

I really liked all the Pop-Culture reference’s and I liked how Cindy thought about what the celebrities were doing in the apocalypse. Just so me.

I really wish that the pictures weren’t blurry. because everyone knows that I love a book with pictures and I was really looking forward to looking at them but it hurt my eyes because I was straining to reading it. I could read a few words and kind of filled in the blanks.

Few typo’s. Nothing that can’t easily be fixed but I am just one of those annoying people that pick up on that stuff.

Just randomly, everyone time someone died in this book, I was like “Oh shit. Now you have to kill them before they turn” and then I was like “Oh shit. Hurry. Wait… Why aren’t they turning?” Then I realised that unlike Walking Dead not everyone who dies becomes a zombie. So that amused me for a while thinking about how stupid I am.

All in all. Good book, great storyline, excellent view on the apocalypse, average characters but for a book like this they aren’t really needed.

Review: The Giver


Title: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Genre: Dystopia

Rating: 7/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 17th December, 2014

No. in Series: #1

This book really wasn’t as great as I expected it to be. I don’t know what I expected to be like but what I read wasn’t it. It just didn’t reach my normal expectations of a dystopian novel. I mean, it did have potential and the storyline was really great but really thats’s all this book had going for it.

This is about a boy who lives in a world where everything is black and white because it is simpler that way. When Jonah turns twelve he must take on the responsibility of learning the colours of the world through memories which everyone else in his community couldn’t even dream of.

I understand that none of the characters could have any depth besides maybe The Giver but it was just so uninteresting to read about characters that I really couldn’t care less about. I don’t know how I would’ve liked it to be but I know I didn’t like it this way.

Considering that the characters really didn’t have any personality, this review will be short because there isn’t any characters to talk about.

The storyline was very interesting and the world was quite intriguing even though we didn’t get as much insight as I would’ve liked into this world. I was satisfactory but I just felt like I was missing some information that I just would’ve liked,

I think my favourite part of the whole book was the whole memory mystery part. I was always wondering what was the memory today and I was trying to guess what it was from as little information as possible, so it was kind of a game to me and I just liked reading about the memories. Because except the snow one (I’ve never seen snow) I completely took the memories for granted and it was really interesting to see how someone who hasn’t grown-up with the memories or gained them through growing up receives the memories and reacts to them. I just wish those parts were longer because that is what I was reading for.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I won’t be continuing this series. It was average and I have better then average books waiting for me to read.

Great storyline, interesting concept, intriguing world but the characters were just not there and I need that in a book.