Review: Dare You To


Title: Dare You To

Author: Katie McGarry

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 8.5/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 18th September, 2013

No. in Series: #2

I actually read this book before I read Pushing the Limits because I thought that Dare you To was a stand alone and you can actually read it as that, if you like. I really don’t know which book I like more out of this series because they are all so good.

This book is about the relationship between Beth and Ryan. You might remember Beth as the friend of Noah and lives with him and Isaiah.  Beth is the same girl we knew before except now she has been forced to move away from her friends and live with her Dad. Ryan is the school’s best baseball player and is dared to ask out Beth, who wants nothing to do with a jock.

Still, I love Beth. I think that she is a great character and she is so misunderstood. I don’t like the way she deals with things and people but eventually she grows out of that and I loved that. I love all of her character development and the subtle changes you see in her actions.

I like Ryan. I think that he was your perfect average nice boyfriend but he definitely isn’t up there with Noah and Isaiah because well, I love me a bad boy. Don’t get me wrong I really liked Ryan and I think that he was the perfect person for Beth but just not for my liking. He was just so cute at times that I wanted to squeal..

Felt really bad for Isaiah like the entire book, I felt like I was cheating on him for liking Ryan.

I think that Katie McGarry really captures the essence of teenage love and angst and how everything seems to be put into place. I really think that she is a talented writer so it isn’t really a surprise that I like all of her books.

This book is really about the two main characters and the relationship between them and all the people surrounding them. It’s about them trying to deal with that they are from opposite worlds but also learning that they really aren’t that different. And I think that is what I really like about this series. That Katie McGarry puts these two teenagers into a relationship which no-one not even them would ever picture themselves in. And thats’s what makes it interesting.

Just quickly: I don’t actually own this cover. I own the cover for the Australian version, the Sepia type one because I think that is more beautiful then these covers.

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Review: Unravel Me


Title: Unravel Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Genre: Dystopia

Rating: 8.5/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 15th September, 2013

No. in Series: #2

I liked this book better then the first and I think it is because I know now that I am not completely messed up for shipping Juliette and Warner since Shatter Me. Many people were like “Warner is a murderer, Adam is nice” and I’m like “No, Warner is interesting” and people thought I was weird for liking the bad character and now all those people can shut it because I called Warner from the beginning. Okay Rant Over.

This book follows Juliette as she now lives in Omega Point with all the other people like her. Juliette now must learn how to adjust to her new life and Adam’s wariness of her. Juliette now learns some interesting information about Warner that changes how she views him.

Juliette is still super bloody annoying but at least in this book she was a tad bit less annoying. Saying that though, she was more stubborn and confused. She was complaining because no-one at Omega Point would talk to her-well talk to them first. She kept changing her mind about every single decision she had to make even the tiniest possible ones. She is not my favourite heroine.

I don’t really want to talk about Adam because he is boring and clingy and I don’t want to really waste time on him.

I really like Warner, if you haven’t figured that bit out yet. I don’t know, in books I always go for the guy who is the most interesting and has the most mysteries surrounding him. I really think Warner has so much hidden depth that I want to discover but more so, I want Juliette to discover it.

I don’t really find the whole rebellion thing really that interesting. Don’t really know why, maybe it’s because we haven’t really learnt that much about it because it seems that it should the must important thing in this book but it is pushed to second place to the romance.

I still think Kenji is my favourite!

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Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty


Title: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Author: Jenny Han

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 9/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 28th December, 2014

No. in Series: #1

As usual, i loved another Jenny Han book. This book was just a really nice read. I wanted to to keep going and I got like ten pages from the end and I was like, “Woah this ending is going to be rushed” but then I realised that it was a series. I know, I’m really stupid sometimes.

This book follows a girl named Belly who ever summer go to a beach house with her mum, brother and her mum’s friend and her two boys. Belly will be sixteen this summer and things have changed between her and the boys. She now must decide whether she loves the guy who gives her everything she hopes for in a boyfriend, her best friend or the guy who was her first love.

When I read the front of the book and it said “Two boys” I was trying to figure which of the three boys that meant because I thought there really was three boys fighting for her attention and not just the supposed two. But anyway.

I liked the character Belly. She was just your average 16 year old, trying to figure out who she was, who she was while dealing with boy problems. So that was fun to read from her because she was just so easy to connect to.

I usually go for the bad boy from like the first page but for some reason in this book, I didn’t. He didn’t do it for me. Conrad just seemed so sulky. I usually like bad boy’s because they are funny and flirty but Conrad just wasn’t.

But saying that about Conrad, I also didn’t love the other two boys. Jeremiah just so sweet and all but he didn’t seem invested enough. And Cam he was really nice and but he was too uptight for Belly to have any fun.

Okay, so as you can tell. I really don’t know what team I am on. I am going to say… Team Jeremiah. I am pretty certain I chose the losing team.

Pretty predictable reveal near the end, just saying, but most contemporary’s have it so no biggie. It was just cute novel, I will continue the series, now I know it is a series.

Review: On The Fence


Title: On The Fence

Author: Kasie West

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 9/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 29th December, 2014

Once again, Kasie West has delivered a cute little novel. I don’t know if I liked this better then The Distance Between Us, I think I liked this story more but I didn’t like the main in this as much. I really recommend this book to anyone trying to get out of a reading slump. Just is perfection.

This book is about a girl, Charlie who has grown up with three brothers, her dad and a neighbour who might as well be another brother. Charlie is then faced with new situations out of her comfort-zone and must deal with the fact that she has two completely separate lives.

I liked Charlie, I really did. I just couldn’t relate to her, you know. I have sisters, a have a mum and most of my friends are girls so I really couldn’t grasp the way her mind worked out those things to do with girly things. It was fun reading from a different perspective about all this and it made me laugh in various parts.

I really liked Braden. He was a cute… really cute book boyfriend, I liked his character from like the first thing he said. I just really liked all the scenes with him in it and every time she wasn’t, I was like “Go, go talk to Braden” I found when boys are really protective of girls it just sells me on them (unless their like stalker-protective because that is just a no.) and Braden was so protective of Charlie.

I liked the three brothers and the dynamic between them and Charlie. It was fun when they were all together because they all had different personalities and were so different that it was just entertaining.

Story was nice and sweet. Really predictable in the sense of the ending and all but that doesn’t really matter. Really quick read, I finished it in about 6 hours. I just wanted it to be a series.

Review: The Outsiders


Title: The Outsiders

Author: S.E. Hinton

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 9/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 25th December, 2014

I am having trouble writing a review on this book because it is just one of those books that you need to read yourself to fully understand the weight that this book carries and the magnitude of how good this book is.

This book follows Ponyboy and his brothers and friends as they try to sort through all the shit that life has handed them; family, friends, love, school, money and safety. Ponyboy has put his whole town into two groups; Socs and Greasers. Socs (Socials) are the rich kids of the town who look down on the Greasers because they don’t have any money. When things start getting dangerous, Ponyboy must re-evaluate his life.

This book is just so hard to review but it is phenomenal and I think I will remember this for ages. It just has such an affect on you. I wouldn’t even come close as to know what it would be like to live in that world but following Ponyboy, I felt like a had a glimpse of what life would have been like.

I like how all the characters are close and how they are basically each other’s family because the rest of their real families don’t act like family. I really love the bond between the gang and how they have rules in the gang; so no-one gets hurt.

Most of the characters I just pitied, no-one really saw them the way they should be viewed except Ponyboy who always saw what they could’ve been if they hadn’t been cast as a certain person.

This book will make you cry, laugh, wonder but mostly will make you think.

Review: Flirting with Boys


Title: Flirting with Boys

Author: Hailey Abbott

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 7/10

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 28th December, 2014

Wow, that was a really quick read. Honestly I finished in about two hours. This book is kind of a simple little cute story. Like the kind you would read on a holiday; it’s not a thought-provoking novel. Which if you like that thing is great. And every now and then I really do. I like reading a book sometimes and not having to worry about who is going to do, questioning every thing about your life or contemplating if these is the way the world will end.

This book follows the story of Celeste who works at her family’s resort every summer. However this summer will be different because she has her boyfriend, Travis working with her. Sounds like the perfect summer for Celeste until she remembers that the resort’s best customer’s will be staying there with their son, Nick who happens to be a massive flirt and an ex-hook-up of Celeste’s. What could possibly go wrong?

Can I just say that I am Celeste. Everything she did would be the exact same thing I would do. I really felt for her in these situations because Travis was just retarded. I honestly think she could’ve handled some of the situations a bit better then just instinctual yelling at everyone, but I guess that just wouldn’t be Celeste then.

I did say before that Travis was retarded. But I’m going to repeat it because he was just that bad. Travis was retarded. I don’t know how she put up with him for an entire year, he annoyed me and I had only known him for a week. He was just so stupid and dense and shortsighted it was excruciatingly annoying.

I liked Nick, you know he was just a cute character. He isn’t a book boyfriend or anything because he just wasn’t that amazing. He was just better then Travis. I mean, he was cute and all but he was really just an average guy and he looked great because compared to Travis he was a spectacular guy.

I liked this book. I’m glad I read it because after The Outsider’s I needed a book that didn’t require me to think. I thought it was cute and pretty. And you know, I am on Summer break!