October & November


October Reads:

  • Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Isla and the Happily Ever After
  • To All the Boys I’ve loved before
  • Scarlet
  • Half-Bad
  • Heir of Fire
  • Crown of Midnight
  • The Revenge of Seven
  • Since You’ve Been Gone

November To-Reads:

  • Bane Chronicles
  • The Giver
  • The Mark of Athena
  • The Iron Legends
  • Second Chance Summer
  • Tiger’s Curse
  • In the Afterlight

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Since You’ve Been Gone: https://jamminsinfinitebookshelf.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/review-since-youve-been-gone/


Review: Thirteen Reasons Why


Title: Thirteen Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 8/10

Recommend to: Perks of Being a Wallflower Fans

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 28th October, 2014

This book  is a very hard-hitting read and to me, was very Perks of Being A Wallflower, in the sense that, it deals with a lot problems and many parts of the book is saddening but you don’t cry.

This book is about a girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide and just before she did, she recorded tapes of her her thirteen reasons (thirteen people) why she killed herself. She then sends the tapes to Reason #1 and they are expected to pass it along and along.

This book really surprised me because I didn’t cry. I just assumed that by the blurb that I was going to cry and I emotionally prepared myself for the sadness coming but it never came. I mean the book was saddening but wasn’t cry-worthy. She did die but the way her death was written about, it just wasn’t tears because we really didn’t know her.

I don’t think this book really was about the characters because I had no emotional attachment to any them. I mean some characters were positioned for us to like them and others were positioned for us to hate them but there was no “I love this character!” and I think that was because the author wanted to focus on the situations and the message of the book and the characters were just there to tell that message.

I found it a bit hard to believe that each person kept passing the cassette tapes on because if I did what they did, I wouldn’t want other people to know, so why would you pass it on? I guess you could argue that they felt guilty but it just struck me as unlikely.

I don’t know how I felt about the way the book was set out because when Hannah was talking it would quickly have one sentence or two about what Clay was doing and I don’t really think those were necessary. Sometimes I liked to know what he was doing and other times, i was just like can we get back to Hannah now?

I like the way the characters were named, I don’t know why but I really liked it.

Even though this book is centred around suicide, I think the main message is regret and chance. To not regret the chance you had to make that person’s life better.

Review: Legend


Title: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Dystopia

Rating: 8/10

Recommend to: Dystopian Fans

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 29th July, 2013

No. in Series: #1

Ahhh, I good dystopian, there are so many bad ones. Legend is pretty great; great storyline, great characters, great writing, great twists. Just great everything!

This book is set in a world where the western half of the United States is now The Republic. From one of the Republic’s wealthy military families, June is a prodigy to the Republic and is treated as the best thing ever. June has never needed anything until her brother is murdered and her only lead is Day. Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal but is he really as evil as the Republic has told June.

This book is told from two POV’s: Day’s and June’s. I really liked that we also got Day’s POV because if I just got June’s then I would’ve hated Day and I don’t want to hate Day because Day is amazing.

There wasn’t much world-building and I didn’t understand much about the Republic but I think that Prodigy should clear all that up. It wasn’t that important because the story was just so intriguing and it felt like a movie. The plot was just so easy to read and the writing style was really cool because a scene happened so fast even though it lasted a few pages it didn’t feel like it.

I really liked the mystery and all the little things that we found out along the way. It was really enthralling and I just wanted more.

I liked Day and June together because they complimented each other and when they fought together it was so awesome. I nearly felt pity for the people who tried to take them on but i didn’t because they were evil SOB’s.

I just *sigh* love this.

Review for #2: https://jamminsinfinitebookshelf.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/review-prodigy/

Review: Obsidian


Title: Obsidian

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: Supernatural

Rating: 7.5/10

Recommend to: Hush Hush Fans

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 30th August, 2013

No. in Series: #1

I know Jennifer L. Armentrout has her critics and I was one of them for her Half-Blood series because I hated that book but she also has such loyal fans and it’s because of them that I gave this book a shot and I powered through this.

This book has such a simple storyline: Katy moves into a new town and her next-door neighbour is an infuriatingly sexy alien.

This book is one of the books that I’ve had the most fun reading. Even though this book is about aliens there isn’t really that much about aliens, we just learn the basics and all the awesome things that come along with it. This book is just laughs after laughs after laughs. It was so enjoyable to read this because most pages were so funny and consisted of Katy and Daemon fighting.

Usually in alien books, the first half of the book consists of explaining the alien race. Nope not this book, it solely focuses on the characters and the romance. And I am not complaining.

I read this book in less then a day because it is just so addicting and it might have something to do with Daemon. Maybe.

I just want more Daemon. Please.

Review: The 5th Wave


Title: The 5th Wave

Author: Rick Yancey

Genre: Supernatural

Rating: 9/10

Recommend to: Alien Apocalypse Fans

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 28th August, 2013

No. in Series: #1

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have read some alien books (Lux series, I am Number Four series) but I haven’t read a alien apocalypse book and I will now actively seek them out. This book is amazing and makes you question so many things in your life.

This book is set in a world where only a small percentage of the earth’s population is still alive. Cassie Sullivan is part of that percentage and so is her little brother but her brother was taken and it is up to Cassie to get him back even if it means trusting her enemy.

This book was so good and I hoped it would be because if you write a book about apocalypse you need to make sure it’s good because a book about an apocalypse easily be really bad but if it is written well and the plot is interesting, then people will love it and this is what happened with this book.

This book is told from a few different pov’s and the first change was really confusing because it doesn’t tell you that it changed it just does, so I was really unprepared. You get used to it after a while but I wonder why he didn’t write the characters name, he probably has a reason.

I’m a little surprised to know that a lot of people disliked Cassie and I’m not afraid to say that she was my favourite character in this book. She was so smart, so strong and so resilient. I just thought that she was a great character. The only flaw I found about her, was that she had insta-love with Evan.

I could never guess what was coming. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen *boom* plot twist. It was so exciting and thrilling to never know what was going to happen. The plot is perfectly fast-paced.

The romance between Cassie and Evan is cute but it isn’t the book. The book is the plot.

Review for Infinite Sea: https://jamminsinfinitebookshelf.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/review-the-infinite-sea/

Review: Before I Fall


Title: Before I Fall

Author: Lauren Oliver

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 9/10

Recommend to: Fault In Our Stars Fans

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 10th July, 2014

This book was such a amazing surprise. I honestly didn’t think that it would be so good and I was amazed that it was. It really got me thinking and made me realise so much. Such a good book.

This book is about a girl who dies in a tragic accident. However she still wakes up in her bed the next day, but isn’t actually the next day because she is stuck re-living the day she died over and over until she can prevent it.

This book was so heart breakingly beautiful, it was so thought provoking and powerful. Even though it had elements of supernatural (being brought back to life and all) but this book is so realistic especially how high school is. The book describes high school and being a teenager perfectly.

At the start I really didn’t like Sam and I just wanted to slap her and say “Don’t you realise what you are doing?” but she didn’t listen to me. But by the end, I was liked her so much and was wishing for her to figure out the whole thing so she could come back alive.

I didn’t really get to see enough of the other characters to really evaluate them enough besides Kent who I can’t really say anything besides that I liked him and thought he was cute.

This story is more about the plot then the characters and for good reason. The plot is spectacular even though it is simple, the way Lauren Oliver, writes about how every single thing Sam does effects the outcome of the day. The writing is just breathtaking.

Just when you think you know where this book is going, it laughs in your face and shocks you to your core.

Review: Hush Hush


Title: Hush Hush

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Genre: Supernatural

Rating: 8/10

Recommend to: Sweet Evil Fans

Type: Paperback

Date Read: 9th June, 2013

No. in Series: #1

This was my first fallen angels book, so I went in without reading any of the other fallen angel books but I think helped because otherwise I would’ve been comparing the whole way through which is unfair because this book is just so good and exciting and thrilling.

This book is about a mortal named Nora who falls in love with a fallen angel named Patch. I don’t really want to say much else about the plot because you really just need to dive into the book.

Nora Grey is a likeable character, she was smart, responsible and strong. At times she was a little weird, but aren’t we all? I can’t blame the girl for being stunned when she saw Patch even though it was pathetic, I would do the same.

Holy, Sweet Pineapples. Patch. Just, Patch is just so hot that I just can’t handle it. In the beginning Patch was really cocky and mean but utterly hilarious and then towards the end he was protective and kind but still hilarious. Patch makes my hottest YA boys list definitely.

I didn’t like Vee. I think some people will like her but I didn’t. I thought she was annoying, intrusive and not reliable at all. Maybe, that says more about what I want in a friend but it just seemed that Vee selfish and shallow.

The love between the two main characters was really believable and it felt real. Their relationship felt like it was real and it progressed at a normal pace and I liked that about this book (no insta-love.) I enjoyed all their love scenes but they were all over too quickly.

I think that the character development was good because I really felt for the characters and I felt like I knew them.

The pace of the story was really good. It was overall fast paced and everything happened at the right points in the book, nothing was too fast and nothing was too slow. I clap for Becca Fitzpatrick on that.

This book just kept delivering twist after twist and I had no idea what was going to happen. This book is amazing.